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Upcoming July Events

As the word spreads about our organization, we are quickly receiving numerous applications for support from members of our community. We are extremely blessed with the amount of connection this organization has allowed us to have with our local community. As the word spreads about Kibble2Care, we have joined and created a few events for the month of July to keep the momentum going for our new pet food pantry as we aim to feed a variety of animals by the end of the month.

Our first event, being held Saturday, July 11th, will be located in front of Earth Fare at the collection. We will be joining another organization to host a Family Fun Day which will include games, music, food, and Italian ice, as well as numerous vendor booths. We will have a booth at this event where we will be accepting donations. In addition, you can purchase Kibble2Care gear at this event. If you will be attending Family Fun Day, please bring along a donation for the Kibble2Care booth. We are in need of more food and supplies to help meet the needs of our community.

Following Family Fun Day, we will be hosting our first community outreach event the following Saturday. We are in desperate need of more donations in order to feed all of the families who will be participating our first community outreach event. In an effort to help a large quantity of families and distribute a larger amount of food, Kibble2Care will be holding their first community outreach event on Saturday, July 18th. By hosting a community outreach event, Kibble2Care will be able to distribute in one day what is usually distributed throughout the entire month! This opportunity allows our organization to help more families and continue the fight against owner-surrenders. By distributing so much product in one day, we are in serious need of supplies. We currently have ¼ of what is being requested by the community in stock for our event on July 18th. There are numerous ways to contribute to the cause- Just three dollars can feed a pet in need!

As of June 30th, we have been able to bless 415 animals in our community. There is the opportunity to help many more, and we need your help to raise enough food to help those in need by our event on the 18th. There are numerous ways you can contribute to our organization, by donating three dollars a month or purchasing a Kibble2Care hat or sticker. With your help, we can continue to fight for an end to owner-surrenders in our community. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. If you are a family in need of supplies for your pet, please be sure to sign-up for the Community Outreach event before you arrive to pick up food. We look forward to seeing you all! For more ways to donate, visit

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