How I Started a Booming Non-Profit in Just One Month

When she first got laid off from her job after COVID-19, Scout decided there was no better time to start a food pantry for pets. As hundreds of people in Georgia lost their jobs from COVID, many faced the tough reality that they could no longer afford to feed their pets. Scout decided to jump-start her idea with a Facebook page, asking her friends to give either municipal or food donations to help the cause. She received loads of positive support from the community, and soon after she had more donations than she knew what to do with.

After a frantic website build and a google docs form, Scout suddenly had the opportunity to help many families and their pets. Quickly, she got in touch with multiple families who were in need of food and other supplies so that they could keep their pets, which encouraged Scout to keep working on this new effort. Scout has now outgrown her original space where she was keeping food and supplies in her home, leading to new challenges as her idea continues to get more and more positive feedback. What started as a few bags of food has now left Scout searching for storage space, volunteers, and help from the community to continue fighting against owner surrenders.

In just a few months, scout went from an idea to needing additional storage space and a company vehicle for deliveries. Her efforts have quickly spread throughout Georgia, and Kibble2Care, inc. has helped numerous animals across the state. From the local news to Chevy New Roads Magazine, Scout had several news opportunities that have helped spread the word of her nonprofit's mission. She saw the opportunity to make a difference, and once she began to pursue it, it quickly became a noticed effort.

Our goal at Kibble2Care is to help 500 pets by July 6, 2020, the 3 month anniversary of Kibble2Care. We would not have been able to help this many families without the undeniable support from our community. We look forward to continuing to help families in need in an effort to decrease the number of owner surrenders in the state of Georgia. As we begin applying for our 501(c)3 status and grants to contribute to the cause, we are thankful for the support that keeps us working hard on this project.

Since we run strictly off of donations from our community, none of this would have been possible without your help. There are many ways to donate to Kibble2Care and help us with our efforts. Any amount helps, so feel free to donate even just a few dollars through our donation link at page also has an amazon link and a wish list. In addition, we are now live on Patreon,, which gives you the opportunity to donate $3 every month, which can feed a pet! We also sell Kibble2care hats for $30, and proceeds directly to the non-profit. We are always looking for additional volunteers to help with sorting food and drop offs. Any contribution can help feed our most vulnerable and keep pets at home. There are many ways to get involved and contribute to the fight to end owner surrenders.

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