Chevy New Roads: "Giving Back, Not Giving In"

Scout was not prepared to receive the support she did when she announced her new project, Kibble2care. Overnight, she received an out-pour of support from her community, as many started to donate and spread the word about her new project. After setting up a google form and quickly making a website, she began to receive numerous inquiries for assistance from families who needed help feeding their pets. In just 2 months, she has now assisted over 300 families as she helps them feed their pets. Quickly, she began to receive news attention from many local sources, including Forsyth County News and 11Alive. To her surprise, she was also extended an invitation to be featured in a new series, “Giving back, Not Giving In”.

Chevy New Roads Magazine, the magazine affiliated with Chevrolet, recently began their feature series, “Giving Back, Not Giving In”, with a goal to highlight Chevy owners, and how they act with unselfishness to give back in their community. Chevy New Roads magazine recognizes these individuals as everyday heroes who continually help their communities thrive. Scout recognized a need in her community, and has been working hard to help end owner surrenders by raising awareness for the problem and collecting food and supplies to give to families in need. Her article can be found at

As mentioned by Chevy New Roads, Scout was laid off because of COVID and decided there was “no better time than now” to pursue her dreams for a non-profit that helps put an end to owner-surrenders by providing supplies and other necessary assistance. And of course, they highlighted her husband’s Chevy Silverado, which Scout depends on often when picking up food and doing large deliveries. She used this opportunity to highlight additional needs her organization now has, as she continues to get more and more donations. Even with the family truck, Kibble2Care is in need of a company truck and SUV in order to complete more pick-ups and deliveries. In addition, they are out of storage space, and in desperate need of a storage unit. Scout is hopeful that her community will continue to support her as she helps meet a need in the community to feed animals and end owner-surrenders.

This feature opportunity would have been impossible for Scout to pursue without the help and support from her community. Her photographer, Blakely Sheriff, drove from Florida immediately in order to help Scout capture pictures of her efforts to be shown in the Chevy New Roads feature. Her makeup artist, Ashton, also donated her time when Scout called her for help last minute. This feature opportunity would not have been possible without the endless support she has been shown with her efforts for Kibble2care, Inc. She continues to be extremely thankful for the undying support from her friends and loved ones as she continues to make Kibble2Care’s mission happen.

To see additional work by her photographer, Blakely Sheriff, and her makeup artist, Ashton, you can visit their websites at and We are always seeking additional donations and volunteers for Kibble2Care. You can sign up for monthly donations on Patreon at For more donation options and volunteer opportunities, visit our Make an Impact page at

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