little to no cost veterinary care emergency fund


The dog who started it all.....

At 16 years old, I suddenly found myself staring at a little black lab mix, covered with obvious missing fur, fleas and ticks. I was working a minimum wage job and still in high school, but I couldn't leave him. I brought him home, and set up a vet appointment, with no idea what was in store. Besides my mom not approving of bringing another dog in the house (sorry mom), we had other issues to handle. When i brought him to the clinic, the verdict was demodectic mange, tapeworms, external parasites, and dehydration. I had 100 dollars to my name. Thus, our journey started. I borrowed money, I picked up tons of extra shifts, and worried if I had enough to make it through every single day. I had to make a way for us, alone. When you have to choose between paying bills, or paying for your dogs medication... you pay for the medication. The feelings and hardships I experienced during this time of my life, are something I wish for no one. Sometimes, the decision is not as easy as it was for me at 16. Life is hard, but no pet should have to suffer from lack of financial means. 

- Scout Samples Bagley | President 

Accidents and Illness happen, it's part of pet ownership.

Every year, tens of thousands of pets in to Georgia are surrendered, and/or euthanized in Georgia due to illness and lack of financial means. Our mission is to change this, and offer a program easily accessible to pet owners in desperate need of financial help to pay for veterinary treatment due to accidents, or a sudden medical condition. Sometimes, their precious life truly depends on this service. 

We receive numerous phone calls and messages a month asking for help with veterinary costs. We can not do this without specific donations dedicated to this cause. Click the link below to donate to Kibble 2 Care, Inc. In the "comment" section please specify "Chevy's Fund."